No sooner did I predict that Keet’ would be squeezed into the side whatever happens, Mick announced today that he (and Asa Hall) are unlikely to play tomorrow because of injuries. Well that’s one headache sorted out…

Now Mick wants an attacking midfielder who can support the front two. Goodness knows who he will choose, but he should choose Rossi Jarvis, whose natural role (as opposed to winger) it actually is.

Mick is in the market for a target man, which to be fair, in the absence of Liam Hatch is what we need. The last two games we have been pumping the ball forward to the non-existant Hatch and poor Kevin Gallen isn’t quite the ticket, not that he doesn’t give 100%.

What I like about Mick is that when he goes for experience, the experienced players bring something to the team. This is in stark contrast to the series of worn out dopes Kevin Blackwell insisted in bringing in such as Peschisolido, Perry, McVeigh, Furlong and Currie. McVeigh wasn’t worn out so much, but he was certainly a bit of a dope.

Oh the nightmare of Blackwell, Mitchell and Pinkney – the corrupt, moronic clowns they were. I’d swap a season in the conference for those dark days in the Championship any day.

At least now, thanks to 2020, we have a club with no debt, with the costs greatly reduced, with the community and fans re-engaged and a youth policy in place. I’d rather have the agony of hanging on to a win at home to Gateshead than the utter turmoil we were in with the corrupt, greedy property speculators in the boardroom, dirtying our club.

If it wasn’t for those pesky kids…

Prediction for tomorrow vs Chester? 1-1 draw. I hope it will be 5-0 of course, but my head rules my heart!


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