Target Man

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Today’s news is that Big Mick still hasn’t had any joy in finding a target man to replace the injured (and much anticipated) Liam Hatch. The search is ongoing…

Mick says* “Obviously not having Liam is a huge blow, because it is important to hump the ball up to a tall strong bloke up front. Don’t worry though, if we have no joy in recruiting one, we’ll still lump it up to the two 5′ 11″ guys anyway.”


As an aside – if my memory serves me correctly Big Mick replaced Trevor Aylott another big bloke up front in 1984. Me and my Dad were good fans of Aylott, and I remember when Mick arrived my Dad described him as the “poor man’s Trevor Aylott”. Says a lot about my Dad’s appreciation of footballers!

Now – do not get me wrong. Luton always play best with a big man up front to get on the end of corners, crosses and to make a general nuisance of himself. I was in the Steve ‘offside’ Howard fan club, much to the annoyance of that idiot woman who used to sit next to me behind the goal at the Kenny End, and Big Mick was a top player for us in more ways than one. A legend. I just don’t think that it should be the only tactic for us. I don’t think we should be completely hamstrung just because Plan A (Hatch) got injured and there is no Plan B.

The first, most important and overriding dictat should be “Hatters play football”. That is it. Plain and simple. Quick passing. Are you telling me that the collection of Championship, League One and League Two players we have are unable to do that in this division? If Mick can’t get them to do that then he should stand aside/move upstairs for someone who can.


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