…while Rome burnt.

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I was away from the internet yesterday, and I didn’t catch the radio and therefore would have missed any headlines about management changes at the club. So when I saw ‘Club Statement’ as a headline on the official site yesterday evening I thought, right…this is it…

To put it in context, following the Wrexham ‘performance’ our manager said “From the kick-off to the final whistle we were absolutely abysmal and it’s probably, in my opinion, the worst performance in Luton Town’s history.” and “I’m responsible for it, it reflects on me 100 per cent. We’re in a results-based game and that’s what you’re judged on and after that performance I expect to come under pressure…” indicating pretty much that we are in the brown-stuff and it is his fault. Strong stuff indeed.

I also get the feeling that the majority of fans are now ready for a change and those blindly clinging on to Big Mick because of his loyalty to us in the past are in a minority.

So obviously, when I saw the ‘Club Statement’ I was expecting big things. The board this week has clearly had big issues to deal with and big-boys decisions to make.

But no.

Instead, the statement refuted the assertion that the players had been laughing and joking during the warm-down after the match, and therefore hadn’t taken – and didn’t care about – their humiliation (and presumably Micks telling off) seriously.

I’m not making it up. Presumably Gary and the Brown(e) brothers thought it more important to give us this trivial information than the news we sought. I can’t believe that they actually spent time even considering producing a statement let alone thinking it was a good idea and actually doing it.

Perhaps they are having a running a battle with 3CR? Having dumped them as club internet commentary of choice, they have chosen to wholly over react to the comments made on the station the other night about the players in the warm-down (albeit after only 10 mins in the changing rooms with Mick). The club statement also refuted some allegations that 3CR had made about players in the centre of excellence – but to be honest I had no idea what Gary Sweet was on about with that one.

Focus on the bigger picture here chaps. Fans are not bothered about your feud with 3CR – which in any case is foolish to conduct in public. We are expecting you to have the balls to sack your man, or at least ask him to go upstairs and to work with, or join the board with Antony.

I think this is the first time 2020 have officially dropped the ball – I was looking to them to do the right thing by removing Mick. But they have failed to do so. But it is too late now. They won’t do it before tomorrow’s game or indeed I suspect, between the Cambridge game and the Stevenage one. So we have to wait another week, two more poor or substandard performances, before the pressure is on them to act again.

What they have done with this statement is to show support for their employees over the demands of their customers.

In the business I am in (I.T.) if one of my staff mucks something up, but perhaps not as badly as the customer is suggesting, I don’t spend my time quibbling over the extent of the cock up, I ensure that I deal with my customers concerns and put something in place to ensure it doesn’t recur and turn the situation around to reassure the customer.

How many more times does the team have to be booed off – for how many consecutive home games must the attendance fall before they act?

I reassert – Mick is fantastic, he’s a Hatter, one of us, but he is not a very good manager and he needs to be replaced so that the new man has time to turn things around. Don’t leave it so long that the whole crowd turns on him like they did to poor Ricky. It is never good to see a legend booed off. I want him to go with dignity and respect. I actually want him to go ‘upstairs’ and remain at the club. Our club is stronger for having him involved. Just not picking the team or deciding the tactics.

Team news later – and an intriguing “Random Team Selection” computer programme I got one of my mates to quickly commission – let’s see what team it selects and if it can out ‘random’ even Mick’s team choices.

Many thanks for all of your excellent and constructive comments over these past few days. Keep up the good work!


4 thoughts on “…while Rome burnt.

  1. I disagree. I was dissappointed and depressed by the Wrexham performance, but I felt pure anger at hearing the players were laughing and joking not long after putting in a pitiful performance in a Luton shirt. I questioned why I should give a proverbial if they didn’t and was seriously contemplating reducing the number of games I go to because of it. Now, having seen both Mick’s comments – honest as the day is long yet again, and the statement that clearly shows a bit of passion and fight from LTFC/2020/the players, board and management, I’m going to Cambridge tomorrow. Desired result? Maybe, if it was, it worked.


  2. If somebody had made allegations about you that a) you didn’t think were true and b) could potentially seriously damage your career, you’d be unhappy and would want to set the record straight. Libel cases have been brought to court for less.


  3. Thank you both for your comments and it is good to have a bit of friendly dissent. I have two comments to make on your points. First of all I would rather the players got angry and het up about their poor performance than having a hissy fit about someone suggesting they were laughing and joking afterwards.
    Secondly I would have thought your own boss describing your performance as “the worst in history” would be far more career damaging than someone alleging that you were having a bubble afterwards.

    Anyway, I think it is rather like someone breaking into your house and spraying badly spelt graffiti on your walls and then complaining more about the spelling of the graffiti than the fact that they broke in in the first place.

    Is it libel or slander? I can never remember which is which?


    • Slander is something said and libel is the written word.

      2020 have, for the first (and hopefully the last time), ballsed up with the website statement refuting Ian Pearce’s assertion about the warm down. I don’t doubt IP’s version of events for a minute and this is meant to deflect our interest from what’s going on Kenilworth Road right now.

      Mick has two games and six points points left to save his job and our automatic promotion hopes IMO….let’S hope that by 10.00 pm on Tuesday night he’s still our manager and we are just a handful of points of the top of the table.


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