Ain’t it always the way?

One step forwards two steps back. The hero of Saturday’s magnificent rioutous victory against Cambridge, Kevin Gallen, is out for tomorrows game against St Evenage as he has a shoulder injury, presumably the one he went off with on Saturday.

No news on Howells, so he should keep his place, but Keane whose back injury has moved to his knee according to the official site is stil out. Hatch is suspended. Porno’s bad toe took a knock in training, however, Ed A-A may ‘play some part’ which from the sounds of it is just as well.

Nico will be back from his 3 match suspension – just what we need for a local derby. And indeed, a local derby it is. Google Earth tells me that pitch to pitch St Evenage is just over 10 miles whilst the horrible allotments are 16.25. Saying that of course, we have no beef with St Evenage wheras the just the thought of that awful trophy-less lot down the M1 leaves a bad taste in the mouth for a good proportion of Hatters.

Leaves a bit of a dilemma up front. Craddock presumably starts, but we are back to where we were for the start of the season – who to partner him? I would favour Rio Charles who is a natural goal scorer in the way that Calvin Andrew wasn’t. But that will mean passing along the floor and not hoofing it to the little guys. Alternatively we have Basham and Donnelly, neither of whom have set the world alight so far. Or perhaps Gnapka/Gnakpa?

Perhaps Mick will just start with Craddock up front and have a 5 man midfield of Jarvis, Hall, Nico, Howells and Newton? You never can tell!

Well – the random team generator which made its debut on Friday has spoken again and it generated: Tyler; Reynolds, White, Pilks, Ed; Jarvis, Hall, Nico & Murray; with Rio and Basham up front. Now that is pretty random.

As for predictions? Head says 0-0 Heart says a cheeky 1-0.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow, and let’s hope they maintain that spirit and determination they found in the second half! I will be there at the Kenny End straining to hear the PA announcements as ever and hoping that my voice will return after Saturday.

Come on you glorious Hatters…


2 thoughts on “Ain’t it always the way?

  1. After we battered Brizzle City for 70 minutes and won 1-0 on saturday I was fairly optimistic about a 0-0 at Cardiff tonight.

    Leacock twangs his hamstring in the warm up and we get shafted 1-6

    Football ? – bloody hell – as some Scots bloke said once


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