Wrexham Revelation

Now – if your performance the night before had been described by your boss as the “worst in history” how do you think you might be treated the next day?

I am sure some of us would have had the first XI starting at 9am (despite getting in in the early hours) doing a few extra laps of the training ground, as well as some pretty tough and monotonous physical work to shake them into the right frame of mind. I would have had them there until 5pm, and when the training was done I would have got them all to sit down in the classrooms there and write letters of apology to the loyal and excellent fans who spent their money watching the display the night before.

However, I understand that the players had the Wednesday off, only to go on a jolly-boys beano to the races in the evening, where much fun and frivolity was had and a glass or two of pop. So much pop in fact that a certain very senior member of the management team staggered to the front of the coach on the way back and demanded that the driver stop by a cash point, as he needed to get some money out. Only for the team to find the said senior member of the management team not using the cash point but propped against a bus shelter having a piss.

All good fun of course. Been on countless such evenings out myself with a few misdemeanours too along the way.

However, seems strange to reward the team’s poor performance with a night at the races.

For those of you who are parents – how many would reward their children’s poor behaviour with a trip to the zoo/pictures/pool?

It is very odd, especially after the hoo-hah about the players laughing and joking on the pitch.

Perhaps it is a symptom of Mick being too pally with his mates the players. After all Mick did say last night that it “wasn’t the players fault”. Perhaps rather than losing the changing room – he’s too close to it?

Ironically of course – the team building worked with the turnaround at Cambridge on Saturday, so you could argue that they should do that after every defeat….

By the way this information came to me directly from one of the first team squad – I’ve not made it up! You couldn’t make up the events at our club, because no one would believe them.


10 thoughts on “Wrexham Revelation

      • I think you will find that at least now you are solvent and have a board in charge that gives a toss about the club. Luton are at least going in the right direction. We have a Walter Mitty owner, cant pay the wages and apart from the Milan Manderic years it has been like this for better or worse since the seventies. What the last owners did at Luton was criminal. Take stability and slow growth mate. Its better than doing a Leeds or a Pompey.


  1. sorry – but unless substantiated… this can only be considered a rumour that a tabloid wouldn’t print…
    you may know better than me but there’s no way I can know better unless more evidence is given than “I’ve not made it up”!!


  2. Fair enough I fully understand what you mean – but what have I got to gain by making it up? It came from a member of the first team squad, who presumably has nothing to gain from telling a porky pie either. I’m just commenting on what he told me. No more no less.


  3. Fair enough.. sad thing to me is that whether this story is true (as it may well be) or not, too many weeks we are getting out-thought on the pitch. When big Mick’s strategy knocked scunthorpe out of the final, I really thought that MH was going to be the man.. something’s gone horribly horribly wrong…


  4. I’d still like him involved with the club. So many of the successful players we have brought in down the years were through him and he was an excellent coach. We would lose those football contacts and goodwill if he left the club altogether.


  5. ‘Scuse me, chaps – if Mick is such a great coach how come there is no sign of any coaching technique on the pitch – does he coach Tyler to batter the ball long, high and hopefully every time? Presumably so, as Tyler is by far our best player consistently and must have more about him than to do that without being ordered. Does he coach Craddock as the left winger which everyone except him knows he will never be? Does he coach Nicholls to act like a prat and get sent off every other game when he’s not suspended? Why did he sign Basham if he so obviously doesn’t rate him enough even to start him when we are short of players but brings in another probably useless loanee? Does he coach Alan White to be as mobile as the statue of Eric Morecambe ? Sorry, great player, probably great bloke, great drinking companion, but terrible manager and moderate coach, I’d say. gs – by the way, just heard Mick’s gone>>>>>>>>>>>>


  6. That is one of the big mysteries about Mick’s time here. He is/was always a good coach which seems to suggest tactical nous, but when he has been manager he hasn’t shown it. Perhaps he is just too pally with the players and we need someone who WILL blame them when they’re shite!


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