Open Thread: Luton’s best Loan players

Who in your opinion have been our best loan players down the years? In my end of season review I suggested Rory Allen, Tony Godden and Simon Heslop as three who have made a huge difference when they arrived. Let’s see if we can construct a comprehensive list…


Great news and bad

Keano has signed a two year contract great news indeed – the local lad is staying.

However, the downside is that Simon Heslop has gone to Oxford. Which is a real shame – but I wish him well, and you never know….they all come back in the end.

Right – we’ve got one half of the midfield we wanted for next season – better than neither I suppose. We must sign another pressing midfielder now for the season whether on loan or to purchase. It is the number one priority now.

Great news Keano – let’s hope your two years covers two promotions.