Back / Impressions of the new players

Aha – the Mosque family are back from sunning ourselves abroad for two weeks, but alas I am too late to get back in time for the Kilmarnock game which is ongoing as I type. Bizarre set of results whilst I’ve been away. I’ve hardly been able to pick up any internet at all, and had to wander down to the local taverna and hang around like an idiot to get any coverage at all, so imagine my surprise at the Alfreton result followed by the Liverpool score. Surreal to say the least – but what else should we expect?

Hoping to make it to the Newcastle game on Wednesday and will do a little light report following that.

I’m now raring to go for the new season. Can’t wait to see the likes of A Murray, Gleeson and Drury in action. For those of you that have seen them thus far I’d be grateful for your early impressions, thoughts and comments on here if you can.


Open Thread: Worst Ever Luton Players

Righty ho – having done the best and the most influential loanees, time for the ‘line up of shame’.

Now – I’m sure all players who pull on the Luton shirt give it their all, ahem, but here’s your chance to list the ones you felt didn’t quite cut the mustard.

My starter for ten…Richard Jackson, Alan Goodall, Robbie Winters. There’s plenty more where that came from.

Any others???


Open Thread: Favourite Ever Players

Without a doubt, my favourite ever Luton Town player is Ricky Hill. He was a master of the midfield and the plastic suited his neat and quick passing game perfectly, he was/is a genius as far as I’m concerned.

He is followed very closely by my David Moss, whose crosses, corners and last minute goals, as well as his attitude of doing very much his own thing, made him a legend in my eyes too.

Any thoughts anyone? Any Graham French fans out there? Sid Owen fans? Any of you have a more recent player as a favourite?