The Silence of the Lambs

I think you could describe this evenings performance as ‘workmanlike’ but comfortable. We did what we needed to do against a well-drilled side hell-bent on closing us down and ensuring we didn’t have to room to play as we liked. Fortunately we made plenty of chances to ensure an untroubled home win.

So many times in the past this has resulted in a draw or a catastrophic defeat but we were competent enough tonight to ensure that Tamworth weren’t given a sniff. I did wonder, once they went a goal down, if Tamworth had a plan ‘B’. They didn’t. If anything they squeezed us more in the second half giving us even less space. Despite the lack of room and some players having two or three men on them as soon as they got the ball, we still managed to knock the ball around nicely at times and get plenty of shots in and so credit is due for that. Tamworth knew what they had to do – they came with a game plan not to let us have any room and almost succeeded. Their cunning plan was not helped by their keeper Mitchell having to go off injured after only a quarter of an hour and following a scramble for the ball with MBH. He was replaced by a big lump. I have no idea if the big lump is a defender, midfielder or striker. I do know that he seemed to have difficulty in kicking a stationary ball as far as the half way line – which is something you would have thought most men could do – kick a ball 50 yards. I do also know that he was a reasonably good keeper, not afraid to punch or get stuck in, made a good point-blank save and didn’t let his side down.

To be critical he was slow to move for Owusu’s goal and out of position slightly for Barnes-Homer’s but what can you expect? To be critical of us we should have tested him more, put more crosses in and had more shots.

We started with Tyler in goal, Gleeson at right back, Kroca and Pilks at the back and Freddie Murray at left back.

Both full backs got forward when they could – perhaps not overlapping as well as they might, but both got into dangerous positions with even Freddie getting into the box for the first time since he has been with us. Murray really has improved this year – his crosses are excellent, his defensive positioning good (if his pace sometimes lets him down) and his confidence has been sky-high since he returned.

Kroca had another sound game at the back – he is looking more and more in command, and for my money is a better player than Pilks now. Kroca has improved whilst G Pilks has become slightly more inconsistent and error-prone. We are only talking a few degrees here, not a catastrophic loss of form, just a slight, but noticeable decline. Sometimes players are carrying knocks for a whole season or have family problems or worries that affect their game week in week out – they are only human after all. I’m sure Pilks will pick up and to be fair to him apart from a dodgy header today and a couple of stray passes, he didn’t have too much to do and was tidy enough.

On the right was Claude Gnapka – nominally at least at right wing. He drifted around the pitch and in and out of the game all evening. Brighter in the first half than second – I thought after about 55 minutes he was a walking substitution. He needs a good dose of his Mum’s soup. I will pay for her to fly over. At one point he was put clear through into the box. Instead of running with the ball, he found it necessary to dally and to turn around with the ball at his feet not once but twice which gave the defenders the chance to both regroup and also to challenge him.

In the middle was the excellent Keane who was enjoying a full on midfield tussle with his opposite number. He worked really hard all night winning ball after ball in a tightly packed midfield. Well done Keano.

Alongside him returned Alex Lawless for Paul Carden. Lawless is a more offensive player and so gives us slightly more in terms of playmaking and attacking options – whereas Carden strikes me as another Adam Murray/Besta (Money must have a thing for short, balding midfielders). Lawless showed glimpses of his class tonight and should be pleased with his return to the team.

On the left was the bright and lively Jake Howells. Now he also showed some real glimpses of his abilities tonight, but was a bit bogged down and didn’t get into as many wide positions as I would have liked – one counteraction to Tamworth’s crammed midfield would have been to try to get the ball wider down the flanks and behind the defenders which didn’t happen other than Claude once and Jake once. Jake did cross the ball for Lloyd’s header, from an innocuous free kick in the position where we so often concede silly free kicks (such as Saturday or say Southampton away last year for example) and so often leads to a goal.

Up front was Lloyd Owusu who put in his usual 60 minutes of bustling hold ups and nod-ons – but was kept on for almost all 90. He got his 6th goal in 9 starts, an excellent record and his header was well-taken. However having him up front does make us prone to just lumping it down the middle, rather than the slow build up from the back. You can be too reliant on having a big bloke up front to aim for all of the time. It is the easy way out.

MBH was here there and everywhere, putting in exactly the amount of effort we accused him of lacking for so much of the season. He has a funny role. When the ball restarts he is alongside Lloyd up front, but so often he moves to the left or right, linking up with or interchanging with Claude (supposedly) or Jake and the ball is played to his feet and for him to make the play. Again I suspect, in theory at least, if MBH is on the left, Claude is supposed to move in the middle to have a second body in the box. He sometimes does, sometimes doesn’t. The number of times we get crosses into the box and there is only one player in there is criminal. This is because the crosser of the ball is so often the striker who you would expect to be in the box and to pick up the pieces. I am sure if MBH was played in a more conventional role he would have 26 goals by now and not 16. He took his goal well though his crisp shot did take a deflection to beat the big lump for the second occasion.

If there is any criticism of the team recently – it has been a lack of goals, I think this is first time since the Darlo-drubbing we have got two goals in a game. I’m convinced a more traditional 4-4-2 with the wingers wider and getting more crosses in would result in a glut of goals with Lloyd to aim your crosses at and MBH to snap up to loose balls in the box. But what can I say? Some of the link up play and build up which involves MBH deliberately drifting wide is very attractive and also absolutely key to Money’s strategy. I would be happier if we could just get more bodies in the box. Too many times half decent crosses from MBH or even from Murray, Jake or Claude ends up being too long for the lone striker with no one to pick up the bits and bobs.

So there you go – a match report with not much description of the match. If I get a chance tomorrow night I might add a bit more. It was good to get another win – we’ve not made any real ground up on Crawley who drew tonight, as the points difference is only back to where it was before Saturday’s draw. Perhaps Crawley’s result and draw puts the Kidderminster performance and result in a better light now though, one in the eye for the boo-boys and oxygen thieves.

On Sunday now we have to traipse up to Mansfield for the first leg of the FA Trophy. As far as I’m concerned the only time we should be playing at midday on a Sunday should be in a closed-down Watford for the local derby. The twitchy Nottinghamshire police have done us no favours – perhaps they thought the massed hordes of Hatters fans would have too much for them to handle. Let’s hope that the Hatters players are too much for Mansfield to handle instead.

The two legs are excellent practice for the play-offs in May if nothing else…

Nearly forgot, scores on the doors:

Tyler: 6 – can’t recall a shot on target!
Gleeson: 6.5
Pilks: 6
Kroca: 7.5
Murray: 7.5
Claude le snooze: 4
Keano: 8
Lawless: 7.5
Howells: 7
Owusu: 7.5
MBH: 8.5

J Walker and AMS – not on long enough. Why give them such a short period of time to make an impression?


2 thoughts on “The Silence of the Lambs

  1. KS says:


    Good report. Why not concentrate on doing what I do, comment on the match and players generally and leave PDW to supply the details. Don’t know how he remembers so much detail but why supply the same information? Personal views are always different and therefore worth reading.

    PS Surprised you had George as low as 6.



  2. Yes, living a long drive away, Ron would echo this. Perspicacity and perspicuity personified. Isn’t it? I hope Richard money reads this blog.

    Talking of RM, I suppose he has to keep saying the race is still wide open, but I think we know the truth. Second place and play offs again, so we may as well get used to the idea. Hopefully we’ll stay sharp after the 46 games have been played, the necessity of which we overlooked last year.

    Has anyone noticed that Lloyd Owosu’s goal last night was the third time he’s scored on 38th minutes?


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