Braintree at Luton? Funny old world . . .

Saturday is a worry. In this household anyway. Anything less than a Luton victory against Braintree will be one hell of an embarrassment for me, and I may be forced into semi-hibernation if it doesn’t happen.

You see I live not far from Braintree, have friends there, and years ago I even worked there for a while. I even recall, as a junior reporter on the local rag, having to go to the mighty Cressing Road stadium and cover a game. It was no big deal even for an inexperienced cub reporter, for in those days Braintree were just small fry in the Eastern Counties League and the ground was basically a field with a bit of rope around it.

On that chilly evening there was no way I could ever have imagined that one day I would be watching that same rag-tag club play Luton Town in a league game.

Nowadays, of course, somebody is pumping a bit of cash into them and they’ve got ex-moustachioed Hammer Alan Devonshire at the helm. And they’ve already thrashed Grimsby and Forest Green, and their goalkeeper is better than Mark Tyler – well, according to the England ‘C’ selectors anyway.

At least they haven’t had the cheek to say publicly that they are bidding for Robbie Willmott. That’s been the exclusive preserve of the mad Forest Green chairman. Whatever next.

I don’t know why, but I’m backing Will Antwi to score for a third successive game tomorrow. Isn’t it funny how often a club can make a number of pre-season signings – and the man who goes on to make the most impact is one of the quiet deals that hardly anyone noticed at the time?

Presumably Mr Gleeson will be back against Braintree, replacing the ultra-honest Ed Asafu-Adjaye, who shocked his Facebook friends this week by fronting up and admitting the first half at Mansfield was the worst experience of his life.

His teammate Daniel Crow was also confessing things – I read a questionnaire somewhere this week where he admitted that he and Keano had a ’10-pint challenge’ during the summer and both were successful. What could he have been talking about? Donating blood?


One thought on “Braintree at Luton? Funny old world . . .

  1. The reason why Braintree’s keeper has been selected by England C ahead of Mark Tyler is that the England C team is normally for under 23s so Tyler is just a few years too old to be picked ! Having said that, the game has been called off anyway


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