Open Thread: Our best XI since being in non-league

If you could choose any eleven players from the ones who have played for us in the past four seasons, based on their form whilst with us who would you choose? I’ve made my choice, I’ve got it written down here, which I will post later on.

I’m not making a point here by the way, but I’m just interested to see who you think would get into the strongest XI if you had a free hand.

Collin Samuel and Paul Carden anyone?


14 thoughts on “Open Thread: Our best XI since being in non-league

  1. GK – Tyler
    RB – Henry
    LB – F.Murray
    CB – Kroca
    CB – G.Pilkington
    RM – Gnakpa
    CM – Keane
    CM – Nicholls
    LM – Drury
    FOR – Craddock
    FOR – Gray

    Subs – Gallen, MBH, Blacket, Heslop, K.Pilkington


  2. GK Tyler
    RB Gnapka
    CB Kroca
    CB Kovacs
    LB Taylor
    RM Lawless
    CM Heslop
    CM Keane
    LM Dury
    CF Gray
    CF Craddock

    Not sure why people have put Henry as rightback, he can’t defend, he can’t pass more than 2 feet, he has no pace and is no leader, no sure why he is captain. Possible the worse captain we’ve had in a while!!


  3. GK Tyler
    RB Gnapka
    CB Kroca
    CB G Pilkington
    LB F Murry
    RM Lawless
    CM Heslop
    CM Keane
    LM Dury
    CF Gallen
    CF Craddock

    Subs Gray, Fleets,Kovacs ,Howells, Taylor K Pilkington, Nico/smith

    Manager Richard Money


  4. Tyler (no contest)

    Henry (showing he’s a solid defender now)
    G Pilkington (at his peak)
    Kroca (best defender we’ve had in the BSP, plus could score a few)
    Murray (not much competition, had a good partnership with Howells)

    Gnakpa (goals, height, doesn’t track back but Henry doesn’t get forward!)
    Drury (creativity in central midfield – his best position)
    Heslop (wished we had hime for longer. Smith could challenge for this position)
    Howells (should ONLY play LM. Pretty decent there when not being messed around)

    Gray (pace and will only get better)
    Craddock (regrettable how he left, skill, a goalscorer, play him upfront not wide left!)

    K Pilks (well, who else is there?)
    Keane (can cover RB, CB, CM)
    Fleetwood (unlucky to miss out on starting 11 but Craddock more consistent) Lawless (can cover RB, RM, CM)
    Shaw (based primarily on Gateshead form I admit, needs to be played upfront not as withdrawn striker)


  5. For the record my team is: Tyler, Keane, Kroca, Pilks, F Murray, Gnapka, Heslop, Hall, Drury, Craddock and Gallen. Fleets and Gray were close, as was Lawless and Andy B, who I thought was an excellent central midfielder in his short time with us. Thanks all for your contributions.


  6. GK Tyler
    RB Keane
    CB Pilkington
    CB Kroca
    LB Murray
    RM Dance
    CM Drury
    CM Smith
    LM O’Donnell
    ST Craddock
    ST Shaw

    SUBS: K.Pilkington, Kovacs, Lawless, Gray, Watkins

    Don’t get the hype with Gnapka. Apart from goal in JPT never thought he was brilliant. Smith goes in just ahead of Lawless to give Drury more creative freedom and Gray misses out as wanted physical aspect of Shaw in there. Pilkington and Kroca seemed to have a fantastic understanding and O’Donnell/Dance wide should provide us with width and a decent cross/final ball.


  7. G Tyler
    RB Lawless
    CB Kroca
    CB Pilkington
    LB Murray
    RM Drury
    CM Heslop
    CM Keane
    LM Howells
    S Gray
    S Craddock

    Subs Pilkington K, Kovacs,Gnapka, Fleetwood, Shaw

    Goalkeeper obvious. Never had good RB, Left side and CBs combined well. Drury class, CM solid, Pace up front. Impact players off bench plus CB cover


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