Final Open thread: Luton’s finest (and worst) central defenders

For the summer’s final open thread, and further to the theme of defining our greatest ever team, how about two central defenders (centre-halves for you Ron)?

Once again there are some obvious choices, but for the record I would go for Mal Donaghy and Paul Elliott MBE. For a bit of frivolity to lighten the mood, how about suggesting the worst one too?

This is the last post before the season proper gets underway. As ever Mrs Mosque has cunningly booked our holiday so that I miss all, repeat all of the juicy pre-season games. But I’ll be back in time for ‘the big one’ eg Telford away, albeit flying back on the same day.

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Open Thread: Luton’s nippiest wingers

Many thanks for all of your suggestions for the dream team’s strikers. Hot on the heels of that, how about suggesting your favourite wide men (and I don’t mean BFJ)?

Of course I will pipe up for my namesake Mr Moss who I have yet to see bettered as a winger in a Luton shirt…but I’d like to know your views please – all comments welcome below…

Darren Currie need not apply.


Sympathy for Rushden & D (but not very much)

AT Luton Town we’ve certainly been through the mill a few times over the last eight years, so you have to feel a certain amount of sympathy for the fans of Rushden & Diamonds, a club slithering inelegantly down the pan as I write these very words.

They’ve been chucked out of the BSP, they’ve gone into administration and now it seems neighbours Kettering Town FC is swooping on their ground like a greedy gannet.

However, on the other hand, it is hard to feel too sorry for a club that only got where it did due to the wealthy patronage of that geezer from Doc Marten’s about 20 years ago. Rushden & Diamonds didn’t even exist in early 1992, so given what’s now happening, it’s tempting to think their meteoric rise into League One came too quickly for their own good, and now they’re paying the penalty.

Personally I find it far more sad when a club with a long history, and an ageing fan-base, hits difficulties. Those cases are very different from the ‘New Kids on the Block’ who shoot up the leagues thanks to cash injections only to crash back to earth soon after. The latter remind me of the kids of the Thatcher generation – entrepreneurial yuppies who live beyond their means, forgetting that stock which rises can also plummet.

I’m sure the Rushden & Diamonds case is complicated and in certain ways unique, but I stil feel it was much worse when long-established clubs like Accrington, Bradford Park Avenue, Newport, Barrow and Chester were allowed to collapse in years gone by.

I’m sure some folk will look at Rushden & Diamonds’ current plight and wonder how long it will be before something similar occurs to a certain Crawley Town?



Summer Summary – so far:

For my benefit as much as anyone else’s – and, frankly, it’s not looking good at this stage. We are step by step transmogrifying into a full time non-league team rather than a league team in waiting.


Aaron O’Connor – out of contract striker (and captain) from Rubbish and Dustbins

Dean Beckwith – centre half Released from Northampton


Tyler – hurrah

Pilks – thought he might want to go somewhere else and get a game, but a v good deputy

Out of Contract – left on a freeie

Zdenek Kroca – Kilmarnock (obviously not seen ‘The Scheme’)
Claude Gnapka – Walsall (makes you realise how far we’ve fallen)


Adam Newton – out of contract – lovely bloke & gentleman but not quite a winger nor a right back. I wish him well.

Lloyd Owusu – out of contract – good scoring record but the nail in Money’s coffin. Encouraged lame hoofball. And we’re not Watford.


Jason Walker – to York – perhaps he was already playing for them when he missed that penalty?

Pre-season friendlies:

Parma – Serie A 2/8/11

Gzxbmyzzppsal Rovers – Azerbaijan C Division 27/7/11